From the Couch to Running a 5K

Every single year I make the resolution to “get into shape” or “lose weight”  and by the next year I’m pretty much in the same “shape” as I was the year before. so I decided I was done with putting that on my list. So this year I put “train myself to run” and “define abs” . Basically the same things but this time I have an actual goal that I’m trying to achieve.


I’ve always wanted to run. I love the speed and the  invincible  feeling you get when those endorphins kick in! The only problem was my body hated to run, it HATED it! So I wanted to train my body to love it. At first I just set a goal to speed walk for 30 minutes everyday but I wasn’t pushing myself enough so I wasn’t making any progress. Then I heard about a program called “Couch to 5K” and I thought this was perfect for me! I would definitely be starting from the “couch” After I had my baby I didn’t have ANY motivation to work out what so ever! So I looked around and found an app called C25K and it was FREE! This app is amazing- no, it is AMAZING!! It is 8 weeks long 3 days a week. It is 30 minutes long complete with a 5 minute warm up and cool down. Each week you get more and more advanced until you can jog for 30 minutes straight. So on day one week one you warm up (brisk walk) for 5 minutes then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. The feature I love most about this app is that you can set it to talk and tell you when to start walking, jogging and when you have reached the half way point. It will also tell you when to start and stop your warm up and cool down. The instructions will talk over your music! It will also keep track of what days you have completed.

When I first started I was barely able to jog the whole 60 seconds- but now (just finished week 7) I can jog for 28 minutes!! Some of the biggest changes I have noticed were my attitude. I’ve gone from “UHHH- I don’t want to do this, I can’t make it. Whew!” to not even thinking about it. Going out for my run is just something that happens now, I don’t even think about it or make excuses as to why I shouldn’t go out. I just get outside and go. A big problem I had was trying to push through and finding the motivation to keep pushing myself to run even if my body and mind thought they were done. So I started listening to music that gets me pumped!! It really helped, I also would talk to myself and get myself PUMPED! Now, I still love to rock out while I run but I’m able think about things and plan my days out. It is a time that I take to kind of clear my head and focus important things.

This app made me push myself so that I was seeing improvement in my training. Another good thing about this app is you can take it at your own pace, if you feel you want to do a week over aging- you totally can! When I started I made the goal to keep moving forward so that I would have to really push myself and make my mind more confident in what my body could do. (it is amazing how much your mind holds you back when it comes to working out)


I feel AMAZING! and I’m so proud of myself!

I am happier! Not even kidding, I’m so much happier and easy going when I run.

I’m losing inches! my post baby belly is shrinking (YEAH-YA!!)

What I do:

I run in the mornings, so that means I have to take my little 10 month old running buddy along. What does that mean? I have to push a stroller. I don’t have a fancy jogging stroller- but my stroller holds up pretty well.(except I have to slow down when we come to uneven payment and what not) Pushing a stroller while running was really difficult for me at first, but now it’s a breeze.  I just run outside, it’s free and I just step outside my front door and go! Today I paired my c25k app with a “e;map my run“e; app (also free) and it was perfect! It told me how far I ran and my speed and how many calories I burned and more!


I NEVER thought I would want to run in a 5K but I am going to be running in one! CRAZY! On July 13 I’ll be doing my first ever 5k.

I highly recommend this app! I just had to stop planning how I was going to lose weight and get OFF the couch and go. Don’t think. Just Do!! Just get those tennis shoes on (or whatever you use to run) Get out of your house and GO!

Just for the record I was not asked to review this app, I just LOVE it and wanted to share with you what worked for me.

Let me know what you think! and what motivates you to get into shape?



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