Gender reveal photos

I will let my SUPER cute sis Melissa elaborate on how to take great pics for a gender reveal, but I just HAD to share the ones she just took for our little family.  We are expecting baby #6 and wanted to do some fun gender reveal photos.  Announcing we were expecting was lacking our usual flair so we decided to have fun with the gender reveal!    Here are the photos we took…..

I also loved the “sugar, spice, and all things nice” pictures.   Just something a little creative and fun!!

I love the tug of war pictures with the kids.  The baby was not really sure what she should be doing, but she did great!  If you don’t have kids, you could do this with mom and dad or even grandparents.  Just have them wear shirts with pink or blue and then have them on the correct sides

  When we were looking around for ideas online, we saw a lot of gender reveals with balloons and cake, but wanted to think outside the box a little (pardon the pun).

So use your imagination!  I thought of even doing a laying down belly shot with a tiara on my belly (or little cowboy boots or a truck if it was a boy).

Oh!  I also wanted to mention that these pictures were taken with a simple iphone.  The fancy camera was experiencing “technical difficulties” so you don’t have to have a fancy camera either….just a steady hand and a good photo editor

  But I will let Melissa tell you more about that

We hope these have inspired you to take AWESOME gender reveal pics!  Post your links to your blogs or FB posts with your gender reveal pics….we would love to see what you come up with too!!

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