{Tutorial} How to Make All Nautural Applesauce

Do you ever wonder what goes into the food you eat in stores?  Besides the ACTUAL food, I mean.  Well, I have been surprised time and time again as I look at those ingredients lists on the labels of food what I am actually EATING!  Yuck!  I heard a heath-guru once say,

If you can’t say it, you probably shouldn’t be eating it.

SO true!  So I bring to you, our favorite recipe for homemade, *ALL NATURAL*  applesauce.

First, buy apples. You can get these at a good sale at the store, a farmers market, go pick them yourself from a farm, or buy seconds. (I usually find a farmer that will sell me seconds. They are weird sizes but taste good and are about 20 cents a pound)

*Note: try different apple combinations to find the one that you like the best.  Our favorite apples to use are Fuji and Gala.  I haven’t tried mixing them together yet, but I’m told that will give you a better flavor than just 1 kind.

Next, wash your hands.  Don’t want any germs in your yummy applesauce.

Next, get out the cutting board and a good knife.  You want this to be a sharp knife especially if you are making a LOT of applesauce.  It will take a LOT less work to cut the apples


Cut the apples.  Depending on the size of the apples to begin with, cutting them in half or into quarters are usually fine.  These apples were pretty huge, so we cut them into eighths.  This will make them easier to put through your food mill.

Put apples in a pot.

Put water in the pot.  Enough to cover most of the apples.  If you boil them with the lid on top, you will need less water than without the lid.

Put the apples in the pot on the stove to cook.  Be sure to turn ON the burner (a mistake I make ALL the time).
Boil the apples until they are tender.  This pot took about 10-12 minutes to boil.

Stick a fork into the apples to make sure they are done.  You want the fork to slide in with little resistance.


Scoop apples out.  I recommend scooping especially if you have more apples to steam.  If you drain the water off it will take more time to boil the second batch then scooping out all the apples, saving the water, and adding more apples to the already hot water.
Put softened apples into your food mill.  I like to use the Back to Basics Food Strainer.  I found a used one at a yard sale, but you can find them online, on Ebay or your local classifieds.

Other machines work great as well, this is just what I grew up using and love it.

(Note my cute little helper in the background!  She was helping both because she loves to and because she was presenting “How to Make Applesauce” to her class at school for her 2nd grade project. )

Turn the crank and press down the apples with a spoon or some kind of plastic pusher (new food strainer includes one, mine didn’t).

Watch as the applesauce comes down the shute…

and the “yucky stuff” as my kids call it, comes out the other side.  This is all the seeds, skin, etc.

When your apples are gone or the bowl is full (whichever happens first) move the bowl of applesauce and stir it.  Decide if you like the consistency.  I like ours kind of thick, so usually I just leave it as is.  If you would like it thinner, add a bit of apple juice to the mix and stir again.

Place applesauce in the fridge to cool if you are just eating it, or place it in canning jars if you are canning it.   Applesauce can be canned with a hot water bath canner.  Follow instructions for your canner to ensure proper cooking times and other instructions.

Dish up your applesauce.  Yum!  When we make applesauce, we can hardly wait for this part!!

When cool, stir in any cinnamon and/or sugar you would like.  We like a bit of cinnamon on our applesauce, but it is sweet enough with no sugar (at least for us).

Eat and enjoy!!  This applesauce will keep for about 2 weeks in the fridge although ours never lasts that long.  You can also freeze it to make it last longer.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Comment below to let us know you stopped by and if you have any questions or if we left anything out.  And best of all, enjoy your applesauce!~



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