Vintage Baby Doll Crib To DIY Pet Bed

I Squeal with delight when I stumble upon a GOOD garage sale! I found the cutest vintage doll crib for $3.00! Yes!! Squeal!



I thought it would make a cute little shelf on the wall of my sewing room, but our Mo Dog soon showed me that she had other plans. So, I went to work to make her doggie dreams come true.

Luckily, I had some fabric that I picked up at another garage sale a few weeks ago that matched the blue perfectly! So I went online to check out some tutorials… Yes! I am creatively lazy! I found a perfect, fast, and easy tutorial on YouTube. Score!  DIY Pet Bed by Whitney – ThreadBanger

This project took me under two hours – which included household interruptions…. “Mom, Can…”

I took measurements of the bed and made a pattern using wax paper. I used the measurements 12″x23″ and I wanted the sides 3.5″.

  • Main Body – Cut Two from Fabric 12″ x 23″
  • Long Side – Cut Two from Fabric 3.5″ x 23″
  • Short Side – Cut Two from Fabric 3.5″ x 12″
  • One Yard of Fabric
  • Two Yards of Rick Rack
  • One Zipper Cheap Pillow From Walmart

Place one Long Side on Main Body, right sides together. Center the zipper and mark zipper placement on the fabric.

Using 1/2″ seam allowance, sew regular stitch length to your first zipper mark, then switch to a longer stitch length (where the zipper is going to be placed), sew to the other mark and switch back to a regular stitch length.

Press the seam open, place the zipper face down and pin. Sew in the zipper.

Using a seam ripper, rip the long stitches open, exposing the zipper. I LOVE this technique for zippers.

Place the other long side on the main body, right sides together. Using 1/2″ seam allowance stitch. Make sure to leave 1/2″ unsewn on each edge (This makes it easier to sew the corners later).

Repeat for the remaining sides.

Place the Rick Rack on the other Main Body pieces. Ensure the center of the Rick Rack is 1/2″ from the edge.

Sew the outer edge of the Rick Rack.

Repeat on the remaining three sides.

Sew this Main Body onto the four sides, using the same technique as before. Remember to leave 1/2″ of each edge seam unsewn. Also, make sure the zipper is unzipped before sewing together last side. This will make it easier to turn right side out later.  You should have a square box, with corners still unsewn.

Line up the corner edges and sew closed


Turn the bed cover right side out, through the zipper.

Add the pillow and done!!

I love how cute it looks in the sewing room and I now have One Happy Doggie!

Sweet Dreams!

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